Sun Signals is comprised of 1010 NFT works by conceptual crypto-artist Kevin Abosch, informed by analysing sun cycles and solar radiation on Earth and training on this data with deep-learning algorithms. The work is both a celebration of the star that powers all life processes on Earth while reminding us of the lethal spectre of climate change precipitated by industry. Sun Signals are generated "off the grid" using the artist's solar-powered computer servers. The images and metadata are stored on Arweave's Permaweb. The project is part of the artist’s larger vision “1111” which includes a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) and a “green” satellite project “1111 KOSMOS” from which art will be “space-dropped” to collectors on Earth. Abosch views the entirety of this project as an intervention leveraging the very technology it endeavours to evolve. The entire collection can be viewed on OpenSea

From Nascent Space (2019-2020)

The scientific method moves from a hypothesis to an experiment and ultimately yields a result. It’s understandable that scientists and technologists are result-driven. It is the result that yields the empirical data that speaks to an experiment’s success and failure. Indeed, the very reputation of the scientist and the technologist is a function of presenting results to their peers. My own interest in the scientific method has waned over the years. Empirical data can be of great practical use, but as an artist I’m more interested in process, ritual and insights gleaned long before the result.

With respect to deep-learning algorithms, I force complications by limiting and corrupting the input data. What would ordinarily comprise the latent space is sublimated into what I call “nascent space.” Nascent space exists within a gaussian, or normal distribution of data but holds the prima materia from which discovery and creation are born. It is in this nascent space that I find truths not necessarily apparent within results. — Kevin Abosch

Yellow Lambo (2018) - 5 x 120 in / neon sculpture

A 10-foot-long yellow neon sculpture comprised of 42 inline alphanumerics representing the blockchain contract address for the unique crypto-token “YELLOW LAMBO” (symbol: YLAMBO) also created by the artist. The Lamborghini sports car become the aspirational symbol of choice for a large group of enthusiastic crypto-currency traders who use “#lambo” in social-media posts perhaps as an affirmation of their quest to reap huge profits from their crypto-investments, or more likely as a declaration of acknowledgement to their tribe of the crypto-zeitgeist. “I use proxies as emotional distillates” explains Abosch. “If the Lamborghini is a symbol of success, then the car itself is a proxy. The crypto-token YLAMBO is a proxy of a proxy. Finally, YELLOW LAMBO in all its neon splendor is yet another proxy… triple-distilled if you like."

I AM A COIN (2018) - 17 x 22 in / artist's blood on paper

We come into the world like newly minted coins -- perfect and priceless. Yet we are constantly being ascribed a value. The most unfortunate are deemed "worthless" by those who exploit human currency. At times life may seem reduced to the transactional. I often have difficulty discerning where I end and the person before me begins, while photographing my various subjects. A sense of oneness staves off the call to market. If I could only bleed for the blockchain, its ledger, for all to see, would reveal that I am a coin. This project consists of an edition of 100 physical works whose meaningful existence is predicated by the existence of the virtual works. Through my blood, a blockchain contract-address and ten million divisible crypto-tokens, the very nature of value shall be redefined.

BANK (2013)

Soft perfect-bound book (60pp) edition of 50 / Exploring the ontology of stored value, the artist has collated 500 paired Bitcoin public and private keys declaring the final product a "bank."