Yellow Lambo (2018) - 5 x 120 in / neon sculpture

A 10-foot-long yellow neon sculpture comprised of 42 inline alphanumerics representing the blockchain contract address for the unique crypto-token “YELLOW LAMBO” (symbol: YLAMBO) also created by the artist. The Lamborghini sports car become the aspirational symbol of choice for a large group of enthusiastic crypto-currency traders who use “#lambo” in social-media posts perhaps as an affirmation of their quest to reap huge profits from their crypto-investments, or more likely as a declaration of acknowledgement to their tribe of the crypto-zeitgeist. “I use proxies as emotional distillates” explains Abosch. “If the Lamborghini is a symbol of success, then the car itself is a proxy. The crypto-token YLAMBO is a proxy of a proxy. Finally, YELLOW LAMBO in all its neon splendor is yet another proxy… triple-distilled if you like."

I AM A COIN (2018) - 17 x 22 in / artist's blood on paper

We come into the world like newly minted coins -- perfect and priceless. Yet we are constantly being ascribed a value. The most unfortunate are deemed "worthless" by those who exploit human currency. At times life may seem reduced to the transactional. I often have difficulty discerning where I end and the person before me begins, while photographing my various subjects. A sense of oneness staves off the call to market. If I could only bleed for the blockchain, its ledger, for all to see, would reveal that I am a coin. This project consists of an edition of 100 physical works whose meaningful existence is predicated by the existence of the virtual works. Through my blood, a blockchain contract-address and ten million divisible crypto-tokens, the very nature of value shall be redefined.